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Full Staff

James Beck (Osiris; Any/All)

Director of Game Design

Hi! My name is James Beck, I have been playing TTRPG's for awhile now. I love all things geeky and thus the TTRPG industry was the perfect space for it. I've written for several projects such as Paizo's Lost Omens Firebrands, Monstrous Beasts: A Guide to Friend Them, Undying Corruption 5e to Pathfinder 2e, and more! I work with channels such as the Lost Caravan RPG and deadly d8 youtube channel/tik tok!

Shawn Pommier (Eldritch Dream Games He/They)

Director of Design

From my personal journey from TCGs to TTRPGs, 3.5e to Pathfinder, Starfinder, and now PF2e I've been homebrewing since my first game and never stopped. I have a bit of a Jack-of-All toolkit and a specialization in layout design, content writing, and technical editing. I have a love for the weird, eldritch, dark, and hard-to-comprehend. TTRPGs, my friends, and my wonderful S.O. Traci keep me looking forward to a better future where this can be my day job!

Matthew "comatthew6" Fu (He/Him)


Hi, my name is Matthew Fu, and homebrewing for Pathfinder 2E has been an absolute blast. Getting to work alongside so many excellent writers and editors has been such an eye-opening experience, and having a solid team to help collaborate ideas has been quite rewarding. Seeing the success of the Monstrous Beasts' kickstarter has shown me that, alongside all of our previous individual successes, we will continue to grow together. Outside of EOG, I received my first writing credit with Paizo, for the book Howl of the Wild, which will be released in 2024. I attribute this success to my time here at EOG - if it wasn't for all these supportive people, I honestly don't think I would be where I am today.

Marceline Miller (She/Her)


Hi! I'm a relatively new writer who's passionate about weird and diverse fantasy, interesting mechanics, and good UX. I've been playing and writing personal content for Pathfinder 2e since the public playtest, as well as other systems (largely D&D 5e, Chronicles of Darkness, and Tephra) for about 6 years total. I'm a forever-GM who loves stories about fighting the status quo and managing inventory space.

Aaron Brandon (He/Him)

Writer/Foundry Support

I first got into rpgs with dnd 4e (yes I am a rare breed of starting with 4e). I eventually left the dnd scope and went into pf1e, where I implemented a lot of homebrew items and magic in my own games. I eventually heard about the pathfinder 2e playtest, and played the playtest as it developed avidly. I ran weekly games for about 4ish years straight between pf1e and pf2e until I had to go to school for my master's in physics. I have slowed down my playing amount fairly significantly nowadays, but I am still an eager player and homebrewer since I have had a lot of time with the base system.

Braden Menke AKA Delioth (He/Him)

Foundry Director

Hi! I'm a software engineer by day, but always a gamer of all sorts. Hailing from older D&D editions originally, the leap to Pathfinder and especially 2e sparked and captured is brewing my creativity. When I'm not gaming, writing content, or porting content to FoundryVTT, I'm probably playing with my dogs, watching anime, making mead, or some combination thereupon.

Luigi Lizza González (He/They)

Writer/Executive Art Director

My name is Luigi Lizza González, and ever since I was a kid, I found myself designing new Pokemon in paper napkins and play-pretending that I was a waterbender in the war against the Fire Nation. Years have passed, and although life has taken me on many routes (mainly marketing, entertainment, and audiovisuals), my tendency to daydream and my passion for role-play and game design never extinguished. Now, as a proud and queer Peruvian professional, I'm happy to call myself a published author and a partner in EOG with an ever-growing portfolio of the epic and the mystical. Here, I can explore my most quirky sides and put my love for arts, philosophy, and storytelling to good use.

Dylan Wokeck (He/Him)


I love helping others as a children's librarian, but when I'm not at work, I try to spend as much time as possible with my wife, whether that is going for walks or playing games together like Spirit Island or It Takes Two. She loves to take me on real life adventures to different states and countries as well and I'd probably never leave the house if not for her. Outside of that I've been playing Pathfinder since about 2015 and my favorite class was always monk until thaumaturge was released. I'm now part of a larger group here at EOG and it's amazing how a hobby in your free time can contribute to something even bigger than yourself.

Victoria Sullivan (She/They)


Victoria Sullivan is a writer, editor and artist based in Lexington, Kentucky. After being introduced to Pathfinder in 2015, they never looked back, and since then has written for several EOG publications, as well as publishing their own PFI supplement, “The Order of the Vault”. In their spare time, they enjoy cooking, birdwatching, and singing in her local Renaissance music choir.

Joshua "Improphet" Birdsong (He/Him)


I started playing ttrpgs in college and have been hooked ever since. I started my writing working as a rules moderator for a large 5e server. Once I learned about pf2e I dove in writing to help build up a strong library of public homebrew for the community. I have been posting daily public homebrew everyday for over a year now! I have also had the amazing opportunity to work as a freelance writer on many pf2e books that have e been featured on Kickstarter such as Sinclair's Almanac and Codex. I am very excited about this opportunity to write with my friends at Eldritch Osiris Games!

Sam Marine (He/Him)

Foundry Specialist

Hi, my name is Sam Marine, and I'm a Foundry developer at EOG. While I started playing TTRPGs a while ago now, I really got into the hobby at the start of the pandemic. I've always loved their ability to tell cinematic and affecting stories with friends. Moving online during the pandemic introduced me to the world of Foundry and programming, which has led me to become the lead developer of the Starfinder system on Foundry, make premium PF2e modules for Foundry with Sigil, work on various PFI products, and of course work for EOG! Working with this wonderful bunch of people has been a pleasure, and I look forward to future opportunities with them!

Gwen Rothwell (She/Her)

Epi's Tome/Writer

Hi, I'm Katherine Rothwell and I’m a transgender Canadian. I’ve been playing TTRPGs since I was 7. I started with 3.0 and over the years have tried and read a number of different TTRPGs. When I heard 2e was coming out with a playtest I jumped on it, and over following years it's become one of my favourite systems. In that time I've created Epi's Tome (formally Vault of Abadar) and wrote Eldritch Ancestries: Bugbear. Working with EOG has been a dream come true, and I’m excited for what the future holds for all of us.

Quinn Stone (She/Her)


Greetings, friends! My name is Quinn, creator of the Simply PF2e comic inspired by my own experiences with tabletops and ADHD. Most days I work on freelance art, practice UX Design and front-end web development, listen to audiobooks, and play video games while hanging out with my husband, two dogs, and two cats.

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