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Monstrous Beasts
A Guide to Friend Them
For Pathfinder 2e!


What's in Monstrous Beasts: A Guide to Friend Them?

Monstrous Beasts: A Guide to Friend Them for Pathfinder Second Edition brings a monstrous twist to Pathfinder 2e! With 100 pages of content, you can find a variety of premium content for any table! With the metamorph class, take on a physical distinction that allows you to turn into anything from a holy angel to a powerful dragon to a slimy ooze. Monstrous Beasts also expands upon a variety of existing Pathfinder content such as barbarian instincts, form spells, and new equipment. Dive deep into the ocean in a nautilus vehicle that you can customize and see what the deep blue seas have for you. With the monstrous adventure for level 4 adventurers, save a local community from a spider that phases in and out of existence. Find all of this and more in Monstrous Beasts: A Guide to Friend Them for Pathfinder 2e!


You can find the following content in Monstrous Beasts:

1 crabfolk ancestry (5 heritages, 18 ancestry feats)

  • Metamorph class (10 physical distinctions, 36 class feats)

  • 17 common companions

  • 7 uncommon companions

  • 8 rare companions

  • 7 advanced companion options

  • 8 companion specializations

  • 1 specific familiar

  • 10 new animal instincts for animal instinct barbarians

  • Aerial Instinct (5 animals)

  • Dinosaur Instinct (8 animals)

  • Insect Instinct (7 animals)

  • Dragon Order Druid

  • 10 new animal forms

  • 1 new insect form

  • 2 new aerial forms

  • 1 new dinosaur form

  • Aerial Ace archetype

  • Animal Caller archetype

  • Form Master archetype

  • Horse Archer archetype

  • Hussar archetype

  • Plumed Lancer archetype

  • Reactive Form metamorph archetype

  • Metamorph multiclass archetype

  • 2 skill feats

  • 4 new spells

  • 3 rider items

  • 2 weapons

  • 5 bardings

  • 2 magical bardings

  • 5 saddles

  • 9 saddle customizations

  • 5 materials

  • 9 animal emblems

  • 16 new creatures

  • Nautilus subsystem for aquatic adventures

  • Monstrous adventure

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