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Space Supernova

What is Mechfinder?

Mechfinder presents you with the opportunity to travel the stars with colossal sized mechs to fight against dangerous threats of the galaxy. Using the Pathfinder Second Edition or Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition ruleset, you will control titans of steel to performs acts of heroism on an unprecedented scale. Mechfinder primarily takes place in Arvaxim, a galaxy filled with meddling corporations, dragons roaming the stars, and menace lurking on every planet. 

Cosmic Sky

Learn More About Mechfinder

Join James Beck as they talk about Eldritch Osiris Games' next project, Mechfinder: Universe of Mech and Magic! Learn more about this incredible project that's been worked on by a team of fantastic authors, artists, and creators!

Listen to Quinn Stone and James Beck sit down and talk about Mechfinder while working on some awesome Mechfinder art!

Hang out with Quinn Stone's silent stream as she paints a kaiju for Mechfinder!

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