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Show your glitter pride with this explosion of player options from the bestselling Pathfinder production team Eldritch Osiris Games with a portion of proceeds from each sale benefiting the release of future Queerfinder Society travel supplements!:

  • Glitters Versatile Heritage with 15 feats for levels 1-17!
  • 29 General and Class Feats covering the range of all rulebooks released to date!
  • Glitter bombs to detonate against your enemies!
  • 5 new spells ranging from evocation (of glitter, of course) to new incarnate and ritual spells!
  • Whether you're looking to set off fireworks or to paint the town all the colors of the rainbow, this supplement is designed to offer something for every character. Inclusivity is the game here, whether it's the glitter bombs that every class can use or the hooks in the glitters heritage to tie your powers into any background.

All That Glitters

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