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In the Impossible Land of Geb, the dead rise, literally and politically. Become a Revenant, an undead hunter driven by vengeance against the ones who killed them. The Revenant is unique, sating their undead hunger by relentlessly pursuing their quarry and forever having the knowledge that they cannot rest until their murderer does as well. Perhaps you will rise to the level of a Blood Lord, an advisor to the Ghost King himself. Or perhaps you will become the champion of Pharasma herself. Stranger things have happened to adventurers.


The Revenant is an Undead Archetype containing 14 feats from level 2-16. It is made as an extra option for players in the Blood Lords adventure path. Revenants are excellent for Rangers, Investigators, Fighters, Champions, and Magi, making enemies think twice about earning your ire.

Arkon's Arkive: The Revenant

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