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Archivists are those who seek out, document, and preserve the magic of their world. With their Codex, a sentient spellbook that grants Archivists their power, they can perform feats impossible for others. Archivists can record spells in the middle of combat, turning an enemy's greatest asset against them, or doubling up on an ally's powerful ability. Archivists are also able to use their Codex as conduits for their magic, gaining metamagic easily and often.

Archivists are a 6-HP casting class, with their spell slots split between prepared slots and their spontaneous Addenda slots. They prepare as normal, but must recognize spells during the day to use their Addenda slots, or use only the spells granted by their subclass, called a Genre. They have a focus on using Counterspell and Metamagic, but there are options within the feats for using neither.


Technical Specs

21 pages (16 Content, other front/backmatter)

6 subclasses

68 class feats

9 Focus Spells

1 Multiclass Archetype

Character Classes: Archivist

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