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Bring yourself a little bit closer to the divine

From virtuous knights of Iomedae to mysterious mages of Nethys and sinister agents of Asmodeous whispering from the shadows, Paths of Faith is the first book in the Divinity Unbound line: a series of releases allowing you to fully embrace the worship of divine beings in your own games.

In this book, you will find:

  • A conversion of the Deific Obedience feat from 1e, updated to match 2e's design sensibilities!
  • Optional rules to more directly involve deities in your campaign!
  • Conversions of the EvangelistExalted, and Sentinel (renamed to Crusader) prestige classes from 1e as archetypes!
  • An original "Heraldic Hopeful" archetype, allowing you to become a celestial in service to your deity!
  • 3 original NPCs with full-color illustrations representing the 3 converted prestige classes!
  • An original short story featuring these NPCs!

Divinity Unbound: Paths of Faith is the ideal way to bring the influence of the higher (and lower) planes into your games and build your characters to reflect that influence.


Divinity Unbound: Paths of Faith

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