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Have you heard the new buzz around town? The Eldritch Ancestries: Buzzklin is here! With feats like You Like Music?, Sweet as Honey, and Intimidating Buzz, you're character's customization will be the bee's knees.

In this supplement you gain the following:

  • 6 heritages
  • 7 first level feats
  • 5 fifth level feats
  • 8 ninth level feats
  • 3 thirteen level feats
  • 3 seventeenth level feats 

 The beefolk are an enthusiastic and curious ancestry. However, if you bother them too much or decide to attack them, their calm demeanor shifts to anger. People often assume that communication happens via the buzzing sounds they make, but the reality is that they communicate primarily through body language. Beefolk use a series of movements and gestures to display different messages. This is seen as deeper than just communication in beefolk culture, reaching the point of true expression of oneself. Each person has their own unique movements that express character but each person who understands the buzzklin language perfectly understands the mannerisms and intent.

Eldritch Ancestries: Buzzklin

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