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Noble and mighty, centaur have the torso of a humanoid and the lower half of a herbivorous quadruped - usually a horse, but some have the lower half of a deer, elephant, or something even stranger. While the typical image of a centaur is the torso of a human attached to the body of a horse, centaur-kind run a whole gamut of combinations. Particularly common are the aforementioned human or orc & horse combination, as well as centaur with the upper body of an elf and the lower of a deer or elk. In any case, centaur are usually between 6 and 10 feet tall depending on their various physiologies, and weigh anywhere from 150 pounds to 1500 pounds. Most centaur have hooves with their lower body, though some groups have the lower body of a non-hooved herbivore, namely elephants. They are usually fairly muscular, and quick on their feet.

This ancestry comes with:

- Beliefs such as popular edicts and anathema

- Large Ancestry rules

- 5 heritages

- 8 1st level feats

- 5 5th level feats

-5 9th level feats

- 3 13th level feats

- 2 17th level feats

- Rules for creatures riding you!

- War horseshoes!

Eldritch Ancestries: Centaur

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