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Grab the Rainbow of Elements kineticist expansion today! With 8 new elements, you can become a master of the elemental energies of: aether, awareness, light, shadow, spirit, time, vitality and void! In addition, you can find expansions for the elements of: air, earth, fire, metal, water, and wood as well as composite elements and expansions to the monk class and houses of perfection!

  • Each element features about 15 feats
  • This book includes two monk stances as 1st level feats, each with an upgrade feat at level 6. One is the metal stance, Steel Shattering Stance, a concussive and forceful stance that allows you to Entrench against enemy attacks and destroy incoming weapons. The other is the wood stance, Lashing Vine Stance, a backswing, finesse, parry, reach stance that allows you to protect allies around you
  • You will also find 4 focus spells for each of the Houses of Perfection featured here. The two houses are Unyielding Earth and Unwithering Wood.
  • Each existing element (air, earth, fire, metal, water, wood) have also recieved about two new feats each as well as a handful of new composite impulses.


  • A "beta" version of the Pathbuilder file has been uploaded. Note: Custom Elements are not yet supported. To take an element from Rainbow of Elements, give yourself a bonus class feat and select that element's feat. For Junctions, choose Expand the Portal and give yourself an additional class feat at that level.

Eldritch Expansions Rainbow of Elements: A Kineticist Expansion

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