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Delve into the myriad weapons of the treasure vault with Eldritch Expanions: Vaulted Weapon Masters Foundry VTT, featuring archetypes to break and bewilder all who would oppose you. Pick up a dwarven dorn-dergar with the siegebreaker archetype to pummel your foes into a fine paste, confound your enemies with the reinforced fishing rod and the fishing master archetype, and let loose the heavens with the dire constellation archetype.

This book includes 12 archetypes and over a hundred feats, focused on usage of a specific weapon - nodachi, falcata, shuriken, and more! Additionally, we've included a section giving a starting place and advice on how you can build your own archetypes for mastery of a specific weapon. The weapons that receive archetypes in this book are as follows:

- Broadspear: Leafsteel Lancer

- Dwarven Dorn-Dergar: Siegebreaker

- Earthbreaker & Klar: Thunderfang

- Falcata: Osprey

- Hook Swords: Cloud Hook

- Karambit: Fatal Fang

- Nodachi: Lunar Harbinger

- Phalanx Piercer: Gigabolt

- Reinforced Fishing Rod (New to this book!): Fishing Master

- Shuriken: Dire Constellation

- Three-Section Naginata: Red Mist

- Simple & Martial Throwing Weapons: Hurler

Eldritch Expansions: Vaulted Weapon Masters

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