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From Sakoris to Rahadoum there are many who have been wounded by the passing of a demon, devil, or other planar outsider. To these victims, there can only be one course of action, the complete and utter banishment of these planar interlopers from their world. Warded Banishers either forsake much or have already lost what little they had to their outsider enemies so they deal with the hand they are dealt and practice techniques to harm and banish outsiders without magic or items. Instead, these warriors tattoo themselves from head to toe with wards designed to both protect from and harm outsiders. Tattoos protect where armor fails and many utilize no armor at all to cause further harm to outsiders they come into contact with. Those that choose this path learn the true source of the tattoo’s powers; Each time an outsider comes into contact with these tattoos, a small sliver of their energy is drained and pulled into the tattoo, providing ever increasing strength.

Eldritch Expansions: Warded Banisher Archetype

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