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Some druids see death as a part of the great cycle, and leave it at that. However, there are those that capitalize on this stage of the cycle of life and use the remains of dead animals, and sometimes others. These are the Necrobotanists. Using fungus, plants, and carrion insects they summon up the strength of the decaying world to bring to bear against those that would destroy it.


Step through the wilds, leaving your path in plain view for those that dare to follow and raise the might of the fallen with the powers of one of three distinct paths of the Necrobotanist. Become the epitome of plant and animal fused.


This archetype is a good choice for those wanting to run a non-evil "necromancer" as the creatures you create and befriend are not undead, but plants and vermin that use the dead as a framework to strengthen themselves, using bones as armor, musculature for mobility, or husks as a hive. Choose from the undead domain or have a companion that is part corpse, part plant or vermin.

Fantastical Archetypes: Necrobotanist

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