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Dive into Monday Monster's second volume, beasts, botany, and beyond! Here you will find 10 new creatures for your Pathfinder 1e game! All new and deadly creatures, waiting for you and your table!        

  • Vorcininnkar Found in tundras and icy mountains, vorcinnkar are strange, chimeric creatures that vaguely resemble a cross between a polar bear and an ape but possess only a lump for a head. Its head is marked by a trio of glowing, vertical eyes. Lacking a traditional mouth, vorcinnkar instead survive by consuming the heat of their nearby surroundings, but favor the warmth of living creatures.
  • Anemoijera The anemoijera are said to be the favored hounds of wind and storm gods.
  • Fulgralisk Fulgralisks claim to be creations of The Sky, one of her first attempts at life who now dwell in the deserts of the world. Within their sandy environments, they build nests of sand that they will decorate with prizes they gather from their hunts. 
  • Feycaps These fungi share a deep connection with teleportation magic and the Glade.
  • Boomshroom The first boomshrooms were created when an array of magical practitioners attempted to create a fungus that could absorb and redistribute heat. Using brown mold as a basis for the project, they had intended to market it to homes and adventurers. Despite their largely noble intentions, the project went awry and created a wholly new and sapient breed of fungi- the boomshroom.
  • Great Pumpkin Great pumpkins occur when spirits manage to breach the veil between life and death during harvest periods and fuse with a pumpkin, causing it to grow in size. This causes it to serve as a beacon for like-minded souls until it erupts into the form of the great pumpkin
  • Witch Willow Born from seeds bathed in the blood of hags and evil witches, witchwillows are wicked, wooden denizens of dark woods.
  • Breath Taker The Winds is a goddess of many and oft-changing facets, but one of the most common is her association with lust and desire. In turn, breath takers appear to be manifestations of that aspect, beauteous figures that appear wrapped in windwhipped silks and scarves who lure mortals too them – and suffocate them with a breath-stealing kiss. 
  • Sanguine Slime Sanguine slimes are bloody servitors of gods of senseless violence and carnage.
  • Pachial Paschials are strange creatures with chimeric qualities, resembling a mix of several creatures along with a few unique qualities. Willing and usually able to just about anything, paschials tend to linger around settlements where the presence of humanoids deters predators and food is abundant.

Monday Monster Vol 2: Beasts, Botany and Beyond!

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