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Dive into Monday Monster's first volume, undead rising! Here you will find 10 new creatures for your Pathfinder 2e game! From the plague riddled musician known as the plagued piper to the grotesque undead drive by a ceaseless hunger of the grim maw! All new and deadly creatures, waiting for you and your table!


  • Fell Husk: A fell husk is most frequently born when a humanoid becomes trapped in the webs of giant spiders, is drained of its bodily fluids, and is left in areas rife with necromantic energies.
  • Plague Piper: In times of plague and hardship, frivolities may fall to the wayside while people focus solely on survival, leaving performers destitute with only rats and other vermin for company. Such folk that perish in this state might rise as plague pipers, disease-ridden undead who have formed a bond with the vermin they died alongside. 
  • Paguroi: Once a barrel is filled, packed with anywhere from three to seven corpses, it is sealed and then dumped in the harbor. Over time, the souls and bodies degrade, merging together in a horrid mass of flesh that is driven only by their desire for revenge. The spirits punch their way through part of the barrel, their mass of limbs dragging them back to the bay where they search for those who killed and imprisoned them.
  • Barrow Mother: The wretched and piteous barrow mother is an undead that arises from mothers who become separated from their own children due to death.
  • Grim Maw: Grim maws are grotesque undead driven by a ceaseless hunger.
  • Wedded Beast: When a couple who are deeply in love perish, sometimes their love doesn’t disperse and is instead enough to pull them back from death itself as a hideous form of undead. Wedded beasts are a grisly amalgamation of their original pair, bound together forever.
  • Serqekah: Lone wanderers in deserts must be wary to stock up on antidotes and other resistances against toxins, for those don’t run the risk of a swift sting or bite far from civilization. Death comes slowly as their body is wracked with agony and left to the merciless desert, wasting away until only their spirit remains.
  • Triune Spirit: Despite their often brutal deaths, triune spirits tend to be benign if not outright helpful to the living. They use glimpses of the future and memories of the past to lead wayward individuals back along the proper path. Triune spirits appear most frequently during times of transition, such as the end of a year, when thoughts linger on what has happened and what yet will.
  • Breathless: Breathless are formed from undead who die deep beneath the surface, far from any friends and deprived of any oxygen. In this state, as the breathless slowly and painfully dies, they make contact with something beyond then ken of mortals that brings them back from the dead. This force drives the breathless slowly back to the surface with terrible purpose.
  • Ashfall Phoenix: Twisted by necromantic rituals into an undead abomination, ashfall phoenixes seek to live far beyond the lifetimes their kind already do.

Monday Monsters Vol.1: Undead Rising

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