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Dive into Monday Monster's third volume, weirds and wonders! Here you will find 10 new creatures for your Pathfinder 2e, Pathfinder 1e, and Dungeons and Dragons 5e game! All new and deadly creatures, waiting for you and your table!

  • Arcane Inkling: When a spellcaster makes a mistake in using a scroll, particularly in areas of wild magic, the resultant unbound mystic energies can animate the ink upon the scroll’s page. This ink coalesces and leaves the page, often fleeing the scene in its initial panic at its sudden sentience. Known as an arcane inkling, this strange ooze born of magic demonstrates a surprising inquisitiveness and curiosity, particularly in regards to magic.
  • Lebrean Ooze: Tarry scavengers who prefer rotting corpses, lebrean oozes grind away the flesh and meat of the creatures they come across until they are nothing more than bones. Once all the soft tissue has been stripped away, the lebrean ooze will use the remaining skeletal structure to create a structural lattice for itself, stringing itself among the bones. 
  • Actrinaris: Actinaris are a breed of reclusive, aquatic fey that dwell in the warm waters of coral reefs where they tend to the colorful lifeforms. An actinaris will typically spend its entire life in the water even though it is able to go on land. 
  • Aper: A cruel and envious fey, the aper is a collector of masks and other disguises as it loathes its own, hideous form. 
  • Lamplighter: A cruel and envious fey, the aper is a collector of masks and other disguises as it loathes its own, hideous form. 
  • Errant Eye: Errant eyes are bizarre creatures with an insatiable curiosity that are found the world over though their skill at keeping themselves hidden means they are still very much a mystery. They lurk in darkened corners, simply watching and observing the world with an unnerving dedication before skittering away to take in new sights. 
  • Bremensi: The bremensi is a chimeric creature with powerful sonic abilities that it uses to disable prey and defend itself against other predators. At first glance, they are often misidentified as some animalistic beast, but bremensin are abominations from an entirely different plane of existence.
  • Dinn: Alien invaders of living sound, the dinn seek to exterminate all life.
  • Dream Spinner: Dwelling in hubs of humanoid civilizations, dream spinners feed on the vigor and dreams of victims that stumble across them, cultivating citizenry like a rancher
  • Guardian of Pragma: Guardians of pragma are strange creatures who, while originating from the Wylde, the realm of the fey, seem to share more in common with certain outsiders rather than other fey. Also known as pragmani, they seem to be linked to mortals, coming into being from the very fabric of the Wylde when a mortal couple first falls in love

Monday Monsters Vol 3: Weirds and Wonders

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