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  • 6 Pages of handwritten lore connecting Earth to Golarion
  • 2 brand new classes and their multiclass archetypes
    • Zealot - A hybrid of Pathfinder 1e's Warpriest and Inquisitor. With 43 feats to choose from and 4 inquisition subclasses!
    • Theurge - A master of all four traditions of magic. With 36 feats to choose from!
  • 7 Zealot Focus Spells
  • 4 Theurge Focus Spells
  • 5 Archetypes
    • Metamagic Master - Grants access to a wide swath of metamagic feats and learns to combine multiple metamagics in one spell
    • Bloatmage - Learns to harness energy in their blood to fuel additional spells. However, such techniques are stressful on the body and mind, potentially causing an overload of magical energy.
    • Shield Mage - Masters of the Shield cantrip. Utilizing specialized techniques, the Shield Mage can repel attackers, block with Shield more frequently, and even explode their Shield with magical force.
    • Silencer - Hunters of spellcasters. Similar to Superstitious Barbarians, Silencers learn to protect their body and mind from magical intrusions while nullifying magic themselves.
    • Corrupter - Experts with spells that cause continuous damage and learn to cast them regardless of tradition. They can also learn to add doses of poison to their spellcasts, making them exceedingly lethal over a period of time.
  • 1 Class Archetype
    • Specialized Research Field: Preservationist (Alchemist) - These alchemists learn to bottle creatures inside vials that can be uncorked later. The creatures are volatile outside of their bottles and dissipate quickly but last long enough to cause harm to the alchemist's foes.
  • 13 New Spells
    • Acid Pit, Aligned Arrow, Aggressive Thundercloud, Bolster (cantrip), Call Lightning, Create Pit, Synapse Jolt, Hungry Pit, Murderous Command, Spiked Pit, Stumble Gap, Summoner's Call (cantrip), and Vine Toss

Novel Options: Magic

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