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Wield the power of the mind or channel the fury of nature with Novel Options: Primal Illusion!

  • 2 New Classes: Mentalist and Primalist
    • The mentalist is the Occult Bounded Caster. Featuring four subclasses that determine how you gain mental focus to inflict mental trauma on your foe.
    • The Primalist is the Primal Bounded Caster. Featuring three subclasses that determine how your Natural Rhythm works. Strike with the power of the elements or fight side-by-side with your animal ally.
    • The mentalist has 9 focus spells to utilize!
    • Both have multiclass archetypes!
  • New Class Options for Champion and Witch!
    • Featuring the Tenent of Neutrality and its three Causes, Barrister (LN), Arbiter (N), and Instigator (CN)!
    • Four new witch patrons, Poppet Doll, Draconic, Lich, and Genie!
  • 4 New Archetypes!
    • Warder - The master of Circle of Protection. Protect your allies, drain your enemies, and leave them trapped in your chalk circles
    • Bomb Maker - Anyone can learn to make bombs, but bomb makers specialize in this alchemy above all others
    • Chemical Brute - You were a lab accident that became infused with mutagens allowing your body to produce the effects internally
    • Malice Binder - Use an age-old style of magic relying on taking bits of spellcasters such as their hair or fingernails to power your strange occult abilities
  • 3 New Cantrips
    • Frostbite - Inflict cold damage on a foe and everyone around them
    • Spontaneous Combustion - Ignite a foe and hope the fire spreads
    • Suddenly, Rocks! - Rocks fall, everyone dies...or becomes Stupefied 1 from too many blows to the head

Novel Options: Primal Illusion

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