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Use fel magic to destroy your foes with sword and spell.

Power of Blood Magic is a set of 2 brand new archetypes:

  • Bloodletter - No price is too great to pay for the destruction of your enemies. Bloodletter exemplifies this worldview as a blood warrior-mage, using fel magic to cause untold damage by sacrificing their own vitality.
    • Inflict devastating wounds by burning your Hit Points with Bloodburn! Introduces 13 new feats, such as wounding strikevampiric draining and hemophilia.
  • Sanguine Mage - Lifeforce is just a resource, and sanguine mages understand it like no other could. Sanguine mage specializes in using their own vitality to fuel their spells—and in depleting their enemies of their very lifeblood.
    • Access true blood magic with 11 new feats, including sanguine spells and blood price, as well as 2 unique focus spells and a new necromancy cantrip.

Power of Blood Magic

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