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Have you ever lamented the fact that some class options feel too restrictive or somewhat underwhelming compared to others?

Revised Options: Remastered is a combination of Revised Options: Curses and Wizardry and Revised Options: Magic and Fury titles fully updated for Remaster content! Not only does it contain everything offered in both supplements, it adds new content, such as expansion of official curriculum spells in case 2 spells per rank feel too restrictive or QoL buffs for Dex-based melee Investigators. If you ever desired to play Superstition Barbarian, Interrogation Investigator, Lore Oracle, or Experimental Spellshaping Wizard without feeling that some other class paths might have been more mechanically potent or easier to accomodate, look no further! Compatible with Team+ content.

Revised Options: Remastered include:

  • New or changed feats for Fury and Superstition Barbarians, as well as improvements for these instincts' abilities. No longer will your party need to bend to Superstition's anathema!
  • Return of a completely overhauled Eldritch Trickster Racket for Rogues and addition of a similar Methodology for Investigators, Magical Research! Gain truly potent spells in exchange for some martial prowess;
  • Errata for Mastermind Racket aimed at addressing some widely recognized issues with Recall Knowledge;
  • Melee-focused improvements for Investigators, making it worthwhile to use a rapier over a bow, and lessened multiple attribute dependency for Interrogation Methodology. Help your action economy with Strategic Approach, setting you up to take advantage of Strategic Opportunity!
  • QoL errata for Psychics, returning their niche of improved Amp-only Refocus, as well as ensuring smoother scaling for telekinetic rend.
  • Suggested changes for the Oracle class aimed at rendering Divine Access less essential and cushioning the blow of losing their niche of automatically received improved Refocus, as well as substantial empowerment of the less popular curses:
    • Enhance the benefits and reduce the penalties of the Ancestors and Lore Mysteries;
    • Incentivize using melee weapons as a Battle Oracle;
    • Streamline Ash Mystery's playing process;
    • Allow Flames and Tempest to shine in their niche as blasters!
  • Enhancements for the less popular Arcane Schools and Theses, focused on improving the school spells, as well as expansion of curriculum spells for every Arcane School;
  • Completely new options for Wizards, inculding War Magic Thesis, aimed to fulfil the fantasy of an armored mage not afraid to wade into the thick of battle, Arcane Analysis School Spell to sell the image of a knowledgeable sage and deepen your focus pool, and School Breakthrough feats to finally receive Syne... ahem, Synaptic Pulse as a Mentalist!

Revised Options: Remastered

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