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When a mortal creature dies, its spirit returns to the River of Souls, where they're judged and sent to planes like heaven or the abyss. However, samsarans don't meet the same fate.


The Samsaran is a new versatile heritage brought to you from Pathfinder 1st Edition into the 2nd Edition. If you like like reincarnation, enlightenment, having more than one heritage at once, or additional limbs, you can't miss this book!

This product includes:

  • A fully-fledged description of the life of many Samsarans across the world.
  • 3 lineages: Akin, Life-Bound, and Millenary.
  • 30 new heritage feats including: Deep Meditation, Mystic Past Life, Intervention from the Past, and Clear Recollection!
  • A beautiful layout and new illustrations.
  • And more!

Samsarans Versatile Heritage

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