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Another source of power or might makes all the difference.

Sources of Power is a collection of 5 brand new Class Archetypes:

  • Channeler Witch - Serve as a direct vessel for your patron's power!
    • Embrace force over finesse, trading Intelligence's study for Charisma's raw might. Channel your patron's hexes through your body and soul at the expense of some of your familiar's strength.
  • Eldritch Scion - What if your Magus was a Sorcerer who decided to take up arms instead of a Wizard?
    • Throw away your spellbook and harness the power slumbering in your blood magic with bloodline spells to supplement your new tactical versatility and Charisma spellcasting! 
  • Pact Summoner - Some patrons send their magical powers and a familiar to guide you. Some take a more direct approach. 
    • Bond with your patron's servant—or even the patron themselves—as a Summoner to their Eidolon, fighting alongside them with the bounded spellcasting, hexes, and Intelligence of a Witch!
  • Sage Sorcerer - Who says that a Sorcerer must rely on charisma and instinct when their powers beg to be carefully studied?
    • Approach your innate magic with scientific rigor worthy of a wizard or understanding and balance of a druid, trading Charisma for Intelligence or Wisdom depending on your bloodline and gaining fuller understanding of blood's evolution and metamagics in return!
  • Slayer Thaumaturge - When a man must slay a monster, his best weapons are his wit, guile, and an arsenal of tools targeting every possible weakness.
    • Trade Thaumaturge's sympathetic bonds and occult esoterica for preparation, planning, and true knowledge! Become a monster hunter worthy of Van Helsing, using your Intelligence to unearth every secret and brand the darkness with truth’s merciless light!

Sources of Power

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