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Continuing our series of bounties, EOG is proud to present Spiked Danger! This adventure is designed to be tackled in a single session and is perfect for between adventures or even as a pallet cleanser.


In Spiked Danger the party finds a request to take down a Manticore from the a village blacksmith. The gold reward is enough but also on offer are the designs for a weapon of some power, the Spike Launcher. The Manticore in question has been harassing the village for some time and with the guards for the town unwilling to do anything about it the Blacksmith has taken it upon themslves to hire the party to hunt the beast. A trek through the wilderness doesn't always go smoothly however and it would seem the Manticore has more tricks up their sleeve. This adventure for 4th level adventurers will give them access to the Spike Launcher Beast Gun and provides a perfect opportunity for some interesting combat. Also featuring two maps designed for this adventure both in book and as a separate downloadable. 


"Keep an eye on the sky, the Manticore's spike can come from the bluest sky"

Spiked Danger: A Pathfinder 2e One Shot

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