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Tales from the road is a series of four short adventures, each should take approximately 1-2 hours to play though. Each short adventure can be played separately as a short ‘one-shot’ adventure, or they can be easily dropped into an existing campaign as a break in the action; a reprive between major story beats in your world. If you, as a GM, don’t have enough material to cover a whole session, or if you want your players to level up but need to give them just a bit more XP, these short adventures are for you.

Each of these adventures takes place on the road, and are designed to be small diversions between major adventures. So, if the players have just raided a dungeon and are on the three-day journey back to town to sell their goods, feel free to run The Haunting of Watchtower 30. If the players have just put down an evil rebellion threatening the good king, perhaps they run into The Sect of the One Master while they are on their weeklong journey to tell the king that the job is done.

Each adventure is not set in a specific locale, so it should be easy to drop them into any campaign. For example, the first adventure The Sect of the One Master could easily take place anywhere there could be a temple to Irori. ‘Meralia Bryant, Teen Detective’ could be set in an Inn anywhere that is on a major trade road between two large cities.
Additionally, while all of these short adventures are designed for level 1 characters, there will be a small section at the end that will show you a quick and easy way to level up each adventure so that they can be modified to be used at any level.



Tales from the Road

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