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From the bands that bind us together to the unfathomable artifacts of eldritch entities, within this tome you’ll find 10 thaumaturge implements to add to your game as well as a handful of feats to acompany them.

  • Band - Share your allies burdens, splitting damage and conditions to lessen the load.
  • Coffin - Free up your hands at the cost of stability, calling the souls of the recent dead to lay to rest.
  • Coin - Tempt and twist fate in your favor or steal luck away from your foes.
  • Mask - Who’s that thaumaturge!?!
  • Nail - Project self-inflicted wounds to your enemies, leaving yourself unscathed.
  • Ossuary - Conjure up the dead to act as your servants.
  • Stake - Pin down your foes using thier tracks, and turn the wrath of the monster hunter on them.
  • Timepiece - (Also found in Novel Piper Options: Chronomancy.) Modulate time to grant consistent benefits or penalties.
  • Unfathomable - Not of this reality, these items cause space to break down and warp around them, allowing you to exploit the stretched distances.
  • Urn - Dust your foes with the finality of death, sending them to their graves.

Thaumaturge's Wrath

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