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In this 20-page tome of strange science both forgotten and new, you'll find numerous new ways to focus your alchemical pursuits. Four new research fields bring you the ooze-slinging amoebist, the blood-fueled homunculist, the versatile horticulturalist, and the explosive munitionist, as well as 13 alchemist class feats that upgrade your alchemical familiar, allow you to summon slimes and plant creatures to aid you in combat, deliver elixirs from afar, and eventually turn your own body into a wonder akin to a philosopher's stone.


A new specific familiar, the homunculus, is available to join in your experiments, as well as two new alchemical familiar abilities. Four class archetypes for the alchemist expand and hone in on bombs, elixirs, mutagens, and poisons, trading in some of the class' signature versatility for an increased proficiency in one area! The mutated chymericist has consumed so many transformative chemicals that their mutagenic form begins to take on a life of their own, while the draught specialist uses fine, graceful adjustments to their body in the form of simpler elixirs that they down with abandon. The grenadier throws as many explosives as they can get their hands on, and the poisonmonger combines and modifies venoms and poisons to painfully debilitate their enemies. New items such as the blinding stone allow your alchemist to level up!


Whether you expand your university's base of knowledge at the behest of your own love for learning, live at the cutting edge of controversial new forms of research, or simply live to blow things to hell, the Alchemist's Cookbook is your first beautifully laid-out and expertly-designed stop on a scientific journey that will last a lifetime, from Pathfinder's first and favorite RPG co-op!

The Alchemist's Cookbook

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