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The ar’kesh are living, sentient energy who bind themselves magically to physical objects so that they can interact with the  worlds to which they venture. Because cloth is almost guaranteed to exist in any universe, they often wrap their forms with it to put the denizens of those worlds at peace. They can also control their wraps, using them in a variety of ways often relegated to wizardry in some form or another.


  • The Ar'kesh Ancestry - Medium aberrations with wraps they can use to perform simple tasks out to 30 feet.
  • 3 Heritages - The stronger and canny lapeten, the merchants with extant knowledge of their field, and ar'kesh whose unusual anatomy makes it difficult to harm them with some magic.
  • 15 Ancestry Feats - From 1st to 17th level. Improve the power of your wraps, practice unique forms of transmutation, and embrace your lack of anatomy to better defend yourself.

The Ar'kesh Ancestry

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