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Welcome to the Tome of the Anima Knight; a warrior class steeped in mystic arts.


The Anima Knight class herein is a new class for Pathfinder 2nd Edition, a warrior who utilizes their own personal flavor of magic to smite their adversaries and commanding various stances towards that end. Whether you are embodying a sandstorm to harry and confound your foes, commanding a blazing inferno to incenerate them, or empowering your allies as a holy warrior, anima knight has a wide array of stances to make sure every character has their own personal style and flair. Further, each anima knight chooses an ethos - a  core of their soul as the basis of their power, which determines what tradition their magic manifests as and gives them a way to extinguish their special stances for a climactic moment

Tome of the Anima Knight

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