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Call the spirits of the wild with the Widuzoa class archetype.

Focus the animal essences into wooden spires that infuse your allies with the aspects of beasts or harass your foes. Fuse your animal companion and your familiar into one creature, giving your animal companion new familiar abilities. Change up the druidic spellcasting for Wisdom driven spontaneous casting. Learn new focus spells that let you summon animal allies, swap places with your spire, or take on a hybrid form with your zoa spirit. Choose from Avine, Cancrine, Canine, Feline, Piscine, or Ursine zoa spirits and use your widu cantrip to summon their spire for different effects.


  • Avine boosts your allies attack rolls and perception abilities with the eyes of a bird. 
  • Cancrine helps knock people onto their backs and increases their vulnerability while prone. 
  • Canine assists with pack tactics and flanking, making it far easier to flank a creature regardless of where you're standing. 
  • Feline causes your enemies to have difficulty spotting your allies, making them concealed as they prepare a cat-like ambush. 
  • Piscine floods the terrain and causes fish to bite at the feet of your foe making the terrain difficult and your enemies clumsy 
  • Ursine gives your allies the brutality of a bear causing them to deal additional damage on Athletics checks

Widuzoa Druid Archetype

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